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Saturday, December 19, 2009


So my story begins as I'm jumping on the Dundas street car to get to the Broadview Subway station just a short trip from where I live. It's a cold nippy day and I'm looking forward to walking into my Favorite music store Long&Mcquade while I salivate over the neat cool toys and pay some money on my new sound card that I bought last month. Low and behold as we cross Bloor street myself and the other passengers notice a collection of emergency vehicles around the station. More police cars than anything and I'm saying to myself 'wtf' is going on now. Only because the word delay was also on my brain with a variety of other shenanigans that could have brought out so much EM personnel. As we all exit the street car I have my ears open to pick up any kind of word on what the hell is going on. At this point there's a boat load of people gathered on the bus platform and inside the station. Police personnel are telling everyone the subway is closed. I make my way inside literally pushing past people to grab a transfer but more  so to get near an officer seeing if could over hear any pertinent info. A woman with a stroller was telling an officer of what she saw but I could only pick out pieces of it. My Sherlock Holmes hat was in full effect. At this point it was obvious somebody was hurt or killed on the subway. An East Indian Gentleman interrupted the story from the woman to get the officers attention claiming he had important information. He displayed a small handbag to the officer.
At this point I'm saying to myself 'fuck' then I guess somebody did jump. But really couldn't be sure. He went on and with his thick accent and the noise of the surrounding people I could only make out the tone of what he was saying than anything else.

I heard a number the other day that the amount of people that kill themselves on the toronto subway is about 50 a year. This causes tons of delays to passengers and thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lost dollars to the TTC. I'm guessing  Because people decide to end this life with a leap into a couple hundred tons of locomotion. Sweet.
We are soon ushered outside by the officers telling us the subway is closed meaning they will be removing somebody from the subway that they don't want anyone the see. That's what I concluded in my Sherlock Holmesness. I have to admit there is an air of surrealness to the whole damn thing. Not the idea of a person committing suicide but the calm and procedural process of keeping people in the dark as we were children. I'm standing around in the fricken cold which is really my anger speaking but saying to myself, WE ARE NOT CHILDREN!!! Tell us what the fuck is going on. But then I quickly remember what society I'm in. It seams if I want the news of where I'm at then I have to go home and hope the very same news is big enough that some news station might carry it.
Is it just me are is it too obvious the TTC has an understanding with the police and the news stations about reporting on suicides. Do they think this will urge more people to go out and 'go out in style'? But like I said this just my anger talking. Because if you're gonna make me stand in the damn cold for longer than I have to and then take a long ride on a slow shuttle bus then you could at least tell me the reason why. But then we are a society addicted to being spoon fed packets of info. So everything fits.