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Thursday, December 10, 2009

So this is the first in a series of tinkerings that i'll sand blasting into this ever expanding cyber domain. It came about from many months of mulling and contemplating but finally I gave in and decided it was time. Yes, yes i'm talking about my first blog. I'll be blunt and direct for no other reason than that's an advanced rule to this here poststation. I have to say whats on my mind. No subject will be too off topic or too small. Or for that matter too large. My sense of humor will rattle some and tickle others. But thats ok. I welcome the read.

A little about me i geuss i'll get into...yikes...just a sec---man, this blog stuff is not as easy as it seams is it. Feels kinda invading or is it i'm just not used to standing infront of 30 people and dropping my pants. Either way I'll carry on and reveal the real reason why I began this blog...mmmmuuuuhahahah...
To take over the world of course

Ok if that ones been used already sorry bout dat.
gonna grab some sleep then shower you with a universal amount of ass kickin tomorrow.