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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Book of Grand Proportions

A little over a year ago 
I began writing a novel about a guy who is confronted with a world where everyone is like a still photograph. The idea was somewhat erotic at first with him surrounded by attractive woman and trying to control his sexual urges. I'd watched a movie about a person who would day dream this way where everything slows to a crawl and he's walking in a grocery store looking at a woman's breast almost salivating. However as I began (stealing) writing this idea it morphed into a more I Am Legend concept. The movie with Will Smith who is trying to survive in a zombie world where almost all humans have perished. So I down played the sexual element to explore a bigger theme of isolation and determination. But that was just the beginning. I saw an opportunity to touch on other broader themes like peace and government and ethics. 

The first book came quite quickly. My goal was to come in about twelve thousand words. A short book. I intended to keep it short and sweet packed with enough content as a book three to four times it's size. This also kept it manageable so I wouldn't be writing and stopping and getting side tracked with other projects to finally putting it on a shelf.

The title The Devil's Playground comes from the old saying the road to hell is paved with good intentions. So in essence the story is really about men who have gone to extraordinary lengths to make a better world. Despite the damage they cause to people and society all this is acceptable to attain the goal of a more cohesive and peaceful planet earth. So while their intentions come from a good place the actions are explicitly detrimental.

When I finished The Devil's Playground I breathed a sigh of relief and grinned with pride. Yeah! It wasn't long however until I began book 2, The Devil's Numbers. This second book came very much slower. Sometimes a sentence here a sentence there. It was a grind to say the least. But I thought it was necessary to answer many questions that weren't addressed in the first book. 

I've been somewhat hesitant keeping this project close to the vest making sure I dotted my i's and crossed all my t's. This is my first ebook with a price tag attached to it. Making sure it was edited properly was a lesson in patience and perseverance. It's also my most ambitious ebook to date. My graphic designing skills came in handy because I went through a few cover concepts until I decided on what you see before you now.

The official release date is April 14th for The Devil's Playground and April 28th for The Devil's Numbers but it's available for pre-order right now at many online retailer outlets.

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Enjoy the teaser

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I'm on Smashwords

An independent author platform that allows me to publish my own eBooks. Please check out my profile on smashwords for those who want to read my stories on their devices or download the eBooks.

In the coming days I will be posting more content including a piece of my soon to be published eBook titled THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND. It's a three part sci-fi story that caries an insightful theme and I'm pretty damn proud of it. But I'll mention more about that later when I put up the video teaser. It's kickass.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

THE LIST part 5

this is lisa's husband.
why r u fuckin my wife!

My first serious girlfriend was at the age of seventeen, a girl named  Stephanie. For some reason I always had an attraction to tall women. At that time she lived on my block for three summers. Most of the guys in the neighborhood wanted a piece of her. She was pretty. I was one of the few boys she’d talk to. I wasn’t sure why. Stephanie joked because I was shorter and if I stepped out of line she’d have no trouble handling me. I’d tell her the biggest thing on my body was between my legs. We got along quite well and always had fun together. 
We’d be in the back of the local movie theater most Friday nights our lips locked in long passionate wet kisses. The farthest we ever went was her jerking me off for ten minutes. I remember trying to ease her head downward while pushing my hips up so my stiff hungry teenage sword could maybe touch her lips. One time she even brushed her mouth against it. We never went all the way. Her family moved and in a time before Internet, long-distance phone calls and letters made relationships almost impossible. We eventually lost touch. Now, years later, our paths have crossed and she was now a cop.

Stephanie turned me around and for a moment I was doused with relief and shock. If that was possible.
  “Oh my god. Are you fucken serious! You dog!” I exclaimed.
  “Sorry I couldn’t resist.” She beamed back a smile before hugging me. “When I saw your ID…”
  “Wow. You had my heart beatin’. Man!”                      
  “I bet I did.”
  “Wow. I cannot believe this.” I said feeling my pulse slowing down to normal.

  “Yes, everyone that I run into says the same thing.” She giggled.
  “You damn right. So how did this happen?” I asked ushering more to her uniform and gun belt.
  “You mean what made me decide to be a cop.” She paused almost to collect herself while handing me back my license and papers.
 “Five years ago life was different. My cousin Jamaal died. I needed a change and I made a list. This was number one. Crazy uh.”

She was still pretty like I remembered. No longer skinny like at seventeen but had matured into a thick sexy full figure woman. Her hair pulled back in one. Her lips a light translucent glaze of gloss.

  “Wow, I don’t know what to say. No fucken way. I can’t believe this. Man look at you. Stephanie Wilkens is a cop.”
  “Oh yes. Number two was buying a house, then mountain climb, become a vegetarian and somewhere on that list was meeting up with Michael Brandon.”

Her voice had dropped in volume bashfully when she said my name. I couldn’t say much after that. I smirked and blushed underneath my brown complexion. After a few awkward words we hugged and she went back into her car and I got into mine promising to keep in touch. I was trying my best not to smile. The night felt like it was getting hotter. I started the car and turned up the air conditioning. I hadn’t notice Lisa was already sitting in the passenger seat.

  “So what was that about? She was a little friendly.” Lisa commented casually.
  “What, oh. What?” Realizing all that registered was mumbling to my ears.
  “Do you know that cop woman?” She asked again.
  “Oh what do you mean?”
  “Well first I saw her pin you up against the car and I’m like Oh my god.” She was animated when she spoke.
  “But then the other policeman is talking to me about…I shouldn’t worry, you’re OK and some procedure nonsense. I look over again and I see hugs and hear laughing. So I’m thinking, hey!”

I didn’t see any reason to tell her about the groping of the private parts.
  “That was my first girlfriend from back in the day. Stephanie. I haven’t seen her in more than a decade.”
  “Are your serious. Wow.”

I breathed in deeply then exhaled letting out the nostalgic memory of age seventeen. Reminding myself I was inside the car with Lisa who was half naked.
  “I know uh. What are the odds. A police woman.” I added.
  “First Bill, the ass and now your ex the fuzz!” Lisa laughed. “That’s just not right. What a night this is turning out to be. You planned this didn’t you.”
  “Yes, yes I did.” I laughed. “We better hurry before something else happens.”
  “We better. Wait, are they gone?” She was turning peering through the back windshield.

I could see the cruiser pulling out of the lot from my side mirror. I waited until it had disappeared then instantly I reached over and tore open Lisa’s coat exposing her large ripe breast. There was a roughness in my actions. Stephanie’s face swirled in my head while Lisa’s perfumed body excited my desire. She gasped then arched her back pushing out her chest even further. Pulling her to me I swallowed her pink nipples in my mouth. Lisa moaned gripping the back of my head. I began squeezing sliding my tongue over each of them. She panted readily spreading her legs to my exploring hands.

  “I can’t take it anymore. Ohh I want to taste your cock.”
She pulled at my belt almost ripping open my zipper.
  “Take it out! Take it out now!” She demanded sounding almost exasperated.
I managed to get my pants down but my boxers clung to my hips stubbornly. Before I could take them off Lisa reached into the opening and grabbed my throbbing rod it’s purple top glistening. She brought her face close as if to devour the whole thing but then stopped.

  “What?” I asked trying to ease her head to the finish line.
  “OK… I…?”
  “Just like before. Think lollipop.” I whispered.
In one breath she bend closer and swallowed half of my thick cock inside her mouth. I leaned back grabbing the headrest of the driver’s seat. Her hot mouth moved up and down my shaft almost too tight at first.
  “..Softly.” I moaned. I then managed to pull down my boxers having her let go for a moment with my shaft bobbing up and down hitting against my stomach. Lisa giggled before putting her wet lips back on to it.
  “Use your tongue…” I moaned.

A shudder rippled throughout my body and I could feel an explosion coming on. My phone began to ring interrupting my blissful ecstasy. There was no way I would pick it up and ruin what I had been looking forward to for months.

  “Don’t you dare answer that.” She mumbled during mid stroke.
  “No I won’t.” I mumbled back.

I had reached over and had my hand between her ass cheeks sliding my fingers over her wet sex. Lisa was a thick girl. The hot sweet smell of our sex filled the car. I plunged two fingers between the lips of her opening moving them in and out. Her moans became louder while she began gyrating her hips.
  “OK lets go in the backseat.” She said.
My phone continued ringing and by the time we moved ourselves into the back of my modest sedan I was getting texted. Lisa leaned back in the car spreading her legs rubbing her hand over her pink pussy.
  “I want you to lick now Michael.”
I thought to myself, what happened to the shy girl I was talking to all this time. Where did she disappear to. Was that an act she was putting on. My phone continued to buzz while I licked the inside of her soft thighs trying not to miss an inch.

 “Oh god, don’t tease me…” Lisa continued to sigh.
I placed my hands under her meaty buttocks gripping and squeezing them while my tongue worked its way closer to her awaiting vulva. Lisa was grinding her hips gripping the back of my head pushing it lower and lower. The sweet smell of her pussy excited me even more. My mouth grazed ever so slightly over her pink lips when the sound of my phone hummed again.

  “OK. Lemme just get that. I don’t know who the hell that is but…” I said reaching for the phone on the dashboard.
  “Oh shit!” She exclaimed. “The minute I work up my nerve…and the world seems to be against me getting something. Would you just leave the damn phone!”

I sat back with my phone in hand and Lisa instantly jumped onto me, straddling me and kissing my neck.
  “Oh God, put the phone down. You can read it later…”

She reached around and placed the tip of my cock inside her. Her vagina walls seam to shutter as it opened up for my eager probing hard cock.
  “God you’re big. I can’t wait. I wanna fuck you now.”
While she positioned herself moving back and forth I tried to contain myself making out the text. It read.

  this is lisa’s husband.
  why r u fuckin my wife.

My heart was beating faster and I hungrily wrapped my arms around Lisa gripping her ass and plunged my cocked deeper into her famished sex. She screamed in loud long unrelenting pulsating joy. 

  “Oh God. Michael, Yes!”

I dropped the phone and continued to thrust into my new lover until the words on the phone were just a memory.

the end