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Thursday, May 30, 2013

THE LIST part 5

this is lisa's husband.
why r u fuckin my wife!

My first serious girlfriend was at the age of seventeen, a girl named  Stephanie. For some reason I always had an attraction to tall women. At that time she lived on my block for three summers. Most of the guys in the neighborhood wanted a piece of her. She was pretty. I was one of the few boys she’d talk to. I wasn’t sure why. Stephanie joked because I was shorter and if I stepped out of line she’d have no trouble handling me. I’d tell her the biggest thing on my body was between my legs. We got along quite well and always had fun together. 
We’d be in the back of the local movie theater most Friday nights our lips locked in long passionate wet kisses. The farthest we ever went was her jerking me off for ten minutes. I remember trying to ease her head downward while pushing my hips up so my stiff hungry teenage sword could maybe touch her lips. One time she even brushed her mouth against it. We never went all the way. Her family moved and in a time before Internet, long-distance phone calls and letters made relationships almost impossible. We eventually lost touch. Now, years later, our paths have crossed and she was now a cop.

Stephanie turned me around and for a moment I was doused with relief and shock. If that was possible.
  “Oh my god. Are you fucken serious! You dog!” I exclaimed.
  “Sorry I couldn’t resist.” She beamed back a smile before hugging me. “When I saw your ID…”
  “Wow. You had my heart beatin’. Man!”                      
  “I bet I did.”
  “Wow. I cannot believe this.” I said feeling my pulse slowing down to normal.

  “Yes, everyone that I run into says the same thing.” She giggled.
  “You damn right. So how did this happen?” I asked ushering more to her uniform and gun belt.
  “You mean what made me decide to be a cop.” She paused almost to collect herself while handing me back my license and papers.
 “Five years ago life was different. My cousin Jamaal died. I needed a change and I made a list. This was number one. Crazy uh.”

She was still pretty like I remembered. No longer skinny like at seventeen but had matured into a thick sexy full figure woman. Her hair pulled back in one. Her lips a light translucent glaze of gloss.

  “Wow, I don’t know what to say. No fucken way. I can’t believe this. Man look at you. Stephanie Wilkens is a cop.”
  “Oh yes. Number two was buying a house, then mountain climb, become a vegetarian and somewhere on that list was meeting up with Michael Brandon.”

Her voice had dropped in volume bashfully when she said my name. I couldn’t say much after that. I smirked and blushed underneath my brown complexion. After a few awkward words we hugged and she went back into her car and I got into mine promising to keep in touch. I was trying my best not to smile. The night felt like it was getting hotter. I started the car and turned up the air conditioning. I hadn’t notice Lisa was already sitting in the passenger seat.

  “So what was that about? She was a little friendly.” Lisa commented casually.
  “What, oh. What?” Realizing all that registered was mumbling to my ears.
  “Do you know that cop woman?” She asked again.
  “Oh what do you mean?”
  “Well first I saw her pin you up against the car and I’m like Oh my god.” She was animated when she spoke.
  “But then the other policeman is talking to me about…I shouldn’t worry, you’re OK and some procedure nonsense. I look over again and I see hugs and hear laughing. So I’m thinking, hey!”

I didn’t see any reason to tell her about the groping of the private parts.
  “That was my first girlfriend from back in the day. Stephanie. I haven’t seen her in more than a decade.”
  “Are your serious. Wow.”

I breathed in deeply then exhaled letting out the nostalgic memory of age seventeen. Reminding myself I was inside the car with Lisa who was half naked.
  “I know uh. What are the odds. A police woman.” I added.
  “First Bill, the ass and now your ex the fuzz!” Lisa laughed. “That’s just not right. What a night this is turning out to be. You planned this didn’t you.”
  “Yes, yes I did.” I laughed. “We better hurry before something else happens.”
  “We better. Wait, are they gone?” She was turning peering through the back windshield.

I could see the cruiser pulling out of the lot from my side mirror. I waited until it had disappeared then instantly I reached over and tore open Lisa’s coat exposing her large ripe breast. There was a roughness in my actions. Stephanie’s face swirled in my head while Lisa’s perfumed body excited my desire. She gasped then arched her back pushing out her chest even further. Pulling her to me I swallowed her pink nipples in my mouth. Lisa moaned gripping the back of my head. I began squeezing sliding my tongue over each of them. She panted readily spreading her legs to my exploring hands.

  “I can’t take it anymore. Ohh I want to taste your cock.”
She pulled at my belt almost ripping open my zipper.
  “Take it out! Take it out now!” She demanded sounding almost exasperated.
I managed to get my pants down but my boxers clung to my hips stubbornly. Before I could take them off Lisa reached into the opening and grabbed my throbbing rod it’s purple top glistening. She brought her face close as if to devour the whole thing but then stopped.

  “What?” I asked trying to ease her head to the finish line.
  “OK… I…?”
  “Just like before. Think lollipop.” I whispered.
In one breath she bend closer and swallowed half of my thick cock inside her mouth. I leaned back grabbing the headrest of the driver’s seat. Her hot mouth moved up and down my shaft almost too tight at first.
  “..Softly.” I moaned. I then managed to pull down my boxers having her let go for a moment with my shaft bobbing up and down hitting against my stomach. Lisa giggled before putting her wet lips back on to it.
  “Use your tongue…” I moaned.

A shudder rippled throughout my body and I could feel an explosion coming on. My phone began to ring interrupting my blissful ecstasy. There was no way I would pick it up and ruin what I had been looking forward to for months.

  “Don’t you dare answer that.” She mumbled during mid stroke.
  “No I won’t.” I mumbled back.

I had reached over and had my hand between her ass cheeks sliding my fingers over her wet sex. Lisa was a thick girl. The hot sweet smell of our sex filled the car. I plunged two fingers between the lips of her opening moving them in and out. Her moans became louder while she began gyrating her hips.
  “OK lets go in the backseat.” She said.
My phone continued ringing and by the time we moved ourselves into the back of my modest sedan I was getting texted. Lisa leaned back in the car spreading her legs rubbing her hand over her pink pussy.
  “I want you to lick now Michael.”
I thought to myself, what happened to the shy girl I was talking to all this time. Where did she disappear to. Was that an act she was putting on. My phone continued to buzz while I licked the inside of her soft thighs trying not to miss an inch.

 “Oh god, don’t tease me…” Lisa continued to sigh.
I placed my hands under her meaty buttocks gripping and squeezing them while my tongue worked its way closer to her awaiting vulva. Lisa was grinding her hips gripping the back of my head pushing it lower and lower. The sweet smell of her pussy excited me even more. My mouth grazed ever so slightly over her pink lips when the sound of my phone hummed again.

  “OK. Lemme just get that. I don’t know who the hell that is but…” I said reaching for the phone on the dashboard.
  “Oh shit!” She exclaimed. “The minute I work up my nerve…and the world seems to be against me getting something. Would you just leave the damn phone!”

I sat back with my phone in hand and Lisa instantly jumped onto me, straddling me and kissing my neck.
  “Oh God, put the phone down. You can read it later…”

She reached around and placed the tip of my cock inside her. Her vagina walls seam to shutter as it opened up for my eager probing hard cock.
  “God you’re big. I can’t wait. I wanna fuck you now.”
While she positioned herself moving back and forth I tried to contain myself making out the text. It read.

  this is lisa’s husband.
  why r u fuckin my wife.

My heart was beating faster and I hungrily wrapped my arms around Lisa gripping her ass and plunged my cocked deeper into her famished sex. She screamed in loud long unrelenting pulsating joy. 

  “Oh God. Michael, Yes!”

I dropped the phone and continued to thrust into my new lover until the words on the phone were just a memory.

the end

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Please remain calm sir. I'm only doing my job. This will only take a minute.


Officer Camley was a big guy. He stood over 6’3 and appeared like he was approaching 300lb. Not a muscled kinda big but the ‘swole’ kinda big. His low cut damp blond hair poked from under his cap. He looked intimidating by his sheer size. As I brought down the window the hot air reminded me of the moist heat from outside. 
One of the items on Lisa’s list was smoking weed. Something she had been offered on a few occasions but never took the leap to try. It’s a good thing I didn’t bring any of that to our first hookup I thought. But she sat beside me like a composed quiet school girl in her short rain coat. Part of her pink shaved private area was poking out from an opening in the jacket until I reached over and pulled the material down. The fat policeman was shining the flashlight into the backseat of the car before I handed him my driver license.

“So what’s the story, you folks just parked here in this remote corner enjoying the humid weather? We get calls out here all the time about kids in cars hanging around and making a lot of noise waking up the neighborhood, smoking drugs. Now I know you two are not kids but you two aren’t smoking any drugs are you?”
  “No. No. We’re just talking.” I answered tentatively.
  “Really. Nothing else going on. It’s hot as hell out here playa.” The big man’s voice went up at the end with some slang as if his ‘blackness’ was coming out.
  “No man. We’re just talkin’. Really.” I answered again. Reminding myself there was nothing to be alarmed about.

Lisa had her hand on my shoulder and leaned forward coyly perhaps to show the officer some cleavage.     
  “Nope. No drugs here. We’re just talking and listening to some music.”
She flashed a bright sexy smile and I could see the policeman’s demeanor soften even more. Officer Camley, from his name badge, bent down putting one hand on the car roof.
  “Yea. Personally I could tell you a few things I’d be doing on a hot sticky night like this. You know what I’m sayin’. Put a tent in the backyard, have a late night pool party, drink some nice cold beer from the freezer…”
I wasn’t sure what to say so I added. “Ya, I can go for one a those. Not while I’m driving of course.”
  “Well there you go. Can’t cook on these nights, just order food, sleep in a hammock, fall asleep to a movie…man the list goes on.”
  “Yea it does.” I smiled less apprehensively.
  “Just lemme check that registration will you.”

I reached into the glove compartment for the document getting a glimpse of Lisa’s expression. I was hiding my stifled laugh and I could see she was doing the same. For the moment crediting the heat with any strange behavior that was going round.

  “Stay right there.” The officer said before taking a few heavy steps back to his cruiser.
I closed the window slapping Lisa lightly on her thigh. “Is distracting a cop with your breast on your list too?” I grinned.
Lisa grabbed my arm almost digging her nails into them.
  “No. Oh my god. Oh my god! What the hell was he talking about? And how hard is it to get fucked tonight.”
“What. Listen to you. What happen to the shy afraid girl?” I teased. “It’s a good thing I didn’t bring the weed.”
 “What! Oh my god! No, are you crazy.”
We were laughing but trying to contain ourselves in case the police were watching. Which I’m sure they were although we had nothing to hide. Despise the bright head lights from the cruiser I could make out another officer in the car and from the form and size it looked to be a woman.

  “How long do you think they’ll be?” She said stretching her fingers through my open zipper that I neglected to close. “I can continue interrogating you until he returns.”
Her warm soft hands groped around my manhood until it became aroused again. I quickly pulled her fingers away when I heard the door to the police car open.
  “Wait, he’s coming back.”
I brought down the window expecting to hear officer Camley’s meaty voice telling us to be on our way. Instead we heard an assertive female tone.
  “Michael Brandon. Wow, is this what you’re out doing on your hot nights?”
I turned looking up quickly when I heard the voice but couldn’t see much from my angle and the flashlight in my eyes. The person didn’t sound familiar at all. I looked over at Lisa who was more mystified than I was.
“Please step outta the vehicle sir. Ma’am you gonna have to step out as well and walk over to that vehicle.”

Lisa raised her eye brow and shoulders. 
  “It’s ok.” She said reassuringly before climbing out. More convincing herself than anything. I watched her adjusting the short rain coat before walking towards the police car her heals clicking waveringly on the cement. Officer Camley was waiting for her smiling with note pad in hand. A few scenarios ran through my head with parking tickets and maybe even a speeding violation but to my knowledge I was up to date on them all. The sticky night heat also didn’t help. As I stepped out of the car before I could get a good look at the officer, she spun me around pushing me up against the backseat side door. With her free hand she reached out and closed the driver’s side door. I glimpsed a brown skinned black woman about my height. One of her hands was pushing against the back of my head while the other was by my waist near my pockets.
  “What the hell?” I exclaimed.
She had also placed her leg between mine pushing them apart. “Please remain calm sir. I’m only doing my job. This will only take a minute.”
I could hear Lisa faintly in the back saying, “Hey! Is that necessary!?”
Then Camley, “It’s OK. It’s just procedure.”
  “Are you arresting me? What did I do?” I started to panic. I didn’t have any outstanding tickets. Maybe it was the punch to Tony for cheating with my ex on my last day of work from the year before. But that was so long ago. The police woman pressed herself closer to me pinning me tight against the car. Her mouth was next to my ear while I felt her hand running up and down over my backside.
Her voice was stern and commanding but her actions were saying something quite different.

  “Sir please hold still. I’m just doing my job. Are you carrying any weapons?”
  “What…No. No I’m not.” I stuttered.
I wasn’t sure what to make of the female officers assault. It was definitely strange with Lisa and Camley no more than fifty few feet away no doubt unaware of what was going on. She had reached around and grabbed the front of my pants.
  “No weapons uh. So what do you call this Mr. Brandon? It sure feels like a weapon to me.”
I jumped trying to turn around but she was strong holding me firmly against the car.
  “Hey, what’re you…” I protested again before she squeezed tighter on my penis.
Her lips were actually touching my ear when she spoke. A tongue might have even ventured out to make contact. A minty gum aroma floated to my nostrils.
  “Told you I could kick your ass. Michael you really don’t remember me. God, you’d think all those handjobs I gave you, you’d know these fingers well and good.”
Suddenly the commanding voice full of sarcasm became familiar. My heart stopped.

[continue in the final part 5]

Saturday, March 2, 2013

THE LIST part 3

I could understand well enough about the image men and woman present online to make themselves look more desirable.  


We were in the corner of the lot where a large tree hung over a chain link fence causing much of the light to be obscured from the overhead parking lamps. I thought this would be a great place to meet up and begin knocking some items off of Lisa’s bucket list. A loud voice however bellowed from the street where an old car was parked.
  “Oh fuck. Is that your husband?” I asked.
  “No. It can’t be. He’s fast asleep. Who the hell is that?” She double tied the belt on the coat and then squinted her eyes to see across the distance. I widened my eyes tilting my head as if that made a difference to making out the figure.
  “Well whoever it is they know you.”
The person was quickly walking towards us. From what I could discern and by the shouting it was certainly a man. A tall thin man.
  “We could get in the car and drive away you know.” I said to her hoping she would say ok.
She hesitated still attempting to grasp the identity of the person who was now only a few meters from us.
  “I…wait a minute. I know him.”

It was a tall black dude, around 6’2. He was easily older than me maybe forty five or so. He wore brown shorts and black flip flops. His grey peppered chest hairs looked like a sweater in itself. There was an unkempt look to him in his thick mustache and shirtless appearance.
Lisa turned to me then back to our surprised visitor gritting her teeth in a loud whisper. “Bill…what the hell. How did you even find out…what the hell…?”
Bill stepped forward and hugged Lisa. “Wow you look beautiful. Even more prettier from I last saw you. Look at you.”
Lisa stepped away from the tall man and moved next to me. She glanced back at me with an apologetic look on her face. “Bill how the hell do you know where I live. Have you been stalking me? What the hell are you doing here!?”
  “Stalking, no. I’m just out for a night stroll and saw someone I thought looked familiar. I mean maybe I used Google a bit to get a rough location but…I mean I don’t know why you don’t call me anymore.”
I couldn’t resist adding a comment seeing as how this idiot was ruining my hot summer night with a sexy woman I couldn’t wait to get my hands on.
  “Probably cause you’re a stalker man.” I commented.
  “Hey bro, not talking to you man.” He shot back.
Did I also mention Bill was very hairy. “Yo, you ever heard of a shirt and a shaver.”
  “Little dude…just…”
He made a motion to step towards me but Lisa cut him off putting out her hands.
  “Hey! What are you doing. Bill…”
All of a sudden I felt like I was in high school again having to prove my manhood next to a taller bigger guy. Bill also reminded me of one of my uncles. It was too hot a night to get into any type of confrontation.
I turned to her holding one of her hands, “Listen maybe we should…”
But she cut me off also before I could finish. I was thinking of just cancelling the plans because the mood had been ruined.  Lisa wasn’t deterred.
  “No. No. Just wait. Let me clear this up.” She said.
I’m not sure if Bill’s sanity was all there but he was talking as if he was in a world of his own.
  “Lisa…I don’t understand. You know…whatever I did or…Just lemme read you this poem that I wrote. I spent a lot a time on it. Please. It’s short but it’s really good.”
  “I’ll be in the car.” I added. 

There was no need for me to stand around with Bill the stalker looking at me. I had a mind to simple drive away and get my ass back home but something was holding me back. The whole meeting up with Lisa suddenly felt like an awful idea. How many other men should I expect to be lurking around in the dark. I could still hear Bill reciting his poetry outside.

‘The things I like about Lisa…Her eyes, her face, her voice, the height-cause I’m a tall man, her time that she gives to me, her friendship…her beauty, her body…the list goes on...’

Flipping on the radio I tried my best to hold in the laughter so I couldn’t be heard inside the car. The words themselves weren’t funny but the timing and situating by itself was laughable. It wasn’t long before Lisa opened the door and sat beside me. Bill was walking away with his head down.

She placed her hand on my leg. “I can’t believe this ass has been stalking me. Can you believe that. Should I be scared. I’m sorry. Don’t be upset. Don’t let it ruin tonight.”
I started to say something still being a little annoyed about the interruption but felt my anger subsiding.
Seeing Bill disappearing into the darkness also had something to do with it.
  “He’s crazy.” I said.
  “You think.” She added.
  “What the hell did you do to him?” I asked still hearing his poetry inside my head.
  “Would you believe the last time I spoke to him was two months ago. He keeps texting me. This is the first time I actually laid eyes on him. His profile is actually of a picture from ten years ago. He lies about everything. He is crazy.”
  “The list goes on.” I joked.

We both started laughing. And I could understand well enough about the image men and woman present online to make themselves look more desirable. Not to say that people are any more truthful when they meet each other the traditional way. The Internet thought made things so very easy and quick. Lisa brought up her marriage the second day into our online talks. She was maybe a little too honest.
  “But he had his shirt off!” I continued. “Come on, you gotta give Bill a break. Hah.”
She was grinning and I was glad the mood had lightened. When she laughed her breast would shake and giggle. I liked that.
  “So what did you tell him?” I asked.
  “I just told him to go home and I promised I would call him later. And I might have mentioned a restraining order.”
  “And also you might have a gun in your car.”
  “What the hell. You told him I had a gun. You’re so bad.”
I wondered about her husband and then about Tony and my ex carrying on behind my back. How did it start at first. Who was the aggressor and the initiator to the whole affair. These questions sometimes kept me up at night. And of course I was now in the position to do the same thing to another man. Lisa leaned into me putting her leg across mine smiling. “That’s right you have a gun. Well it’s not like I was lying. Didn’t you tell me you had a shotgun in your pants,” She giggled.

She had reached over and placed her hand on my crotch squeezing it. I could feel my blood start to race. Her hands stroked my manhood through my jeans while her tongue was inside my ear probing. I turned to meet her lips sliding my hand between her legs. We kissed deeply her soft lips opening and closing almost teasing my own.
“I wanna get started on that list” Lisa moaned.
“Oh course.” I answered.
“Let me suck your cock.”
I quickly unbuckled my pants shimmying them down to my knees. Like a hungry ready beast my cock jumped out its round head glistening in the dark car. She held it tightly stroking it up and down while my breathing increased. She leaned closer and I felt her tongue lightly grazed the tip. My heart quickened.
“How should I do it?” Lisa whispered. The fact that she was asking turned me on even more.
“…You’re doing just fine. Ohh keep going.”
She held a firm grip on my shaft gently pumping it. Once again her hot wet tongue touched the tip and danced around it.
“Mmm, it feels like a lollipop.” She moaned.
She was teasing me and my hands gripped her shoulders trying to inch her closer. I just wanted to stick the whole thing inside her mouth and have her suck me with her soft wet mouth. I didn’t even see the light that was coming up to the car from behind until it was only a few feet away.
“Wait, wait! Someone is coming.” I gasped.
“What. Oh shit.”

She jumped up pulling her coat closed. I tried my best to yank my pants up my legs. Grabbing my stiff manhood I had to mush it to the side to close my pants. The first thought in my head is Bill had made a second return to just piss us off. Lisa was peering back and ushering me to hurry at the same time.
  “Oh shit it’s the police.” She exclaimed.
Before I knew what was happening there was a tap on my driver’s side window with what I guessed was a flash light. The radio was on playing, if I recall correctly, Little Wayne’s Lollipop. Lisa punched the volume down while I flipped down the window.
“Hey officer, how you doing tonight.” I said but really thinking, please go away so I can get back to my blowjob.

A big white policeman was standing next to the window. “And how you all doing on this hot sticky night?”
I looked at Lisa and my stomach lightly rumbled before it rudely sank.

[continue in part 4]

Thursday, January 31, 2013

THE LIST part 2

I wasn’t blessed with height standing only 5’8 like some of my taller friends but I was 
blessed with other things.


I was actually already in bed. When she mentioned there was a possibility we could hook up tonight I jumped up and instantly started planning what clothes to put on. Her husband, she would tell me on a few occasions didn’t do anything for her sexually. He would just come home from work, say a few things to her and then be out again. Every few months   they would plan a ‘date’ together to get the sex out of the way. It felt more like an obligation than pleasure. She suspected he was cheating but at this point the marriage was a convenience for the two of them socially and financially.

  “I can’t leave. What would I do Michael. I have a young child and I have a great house.”
  “Hey I’m just giving you my two cents. You don’t have to wait until things get worst to leave.” I’d say.
  “Things have already gotten worst.” She added. “We never used to argue but now it’s all we do.”
  “Ok. Well at least, you know, start putting something away for the future. Hey you never know.”

I’m not sure if anything I said resonated with her but she took it for the most part. Before long though she would start talking about her bucket list and how she hadn’t done anything on it yet. As if she was waiting for my lead into her new borne curious sexual fantasies.
“I don’t know what it is but every time I look at a picture of a black man I start getting aroused. Doesn’t matter where I am it just happens. It doesn’t even matter what he looks like. If his shirt is off then instantly my pussy gets wet. Is that weird or what?”
“Ahh…oh” I was left speechless. She was playing with me but yet I didn’t want her to stop.

As a man I was hesitant about her situation. Who wants to get involved with a married woman. Certainly not myself. But I was drawn to her none the less. I was a thirty three year old black man, single and good looking. Or so I was told from various partners. I wasn’t blessed with height standing only 5’8 like some of my taller friends but I was blessed with other things. Good with numbers, athletic, charming and something else.
“God you have a big cock. Look at the size of it.” I would hear many a times from my ex. She loved every vein on it. That didn’t keep her though from straying. After being in a six year relationship I discovered my girlfriend was fucking around with my good friend. I came home early one afternoon after her and I had gotten into an argument that morning about buying a house. It wasn’t even an argument because I instigated the whole thing to set up my proposal. The joke of course was on me. With some flowers in my hands I didn’t even notice my co-workers car in the building parking lot. Dion, my girlfriend worked an evening shift so she normally left for work about 2 o’clock in the day. I had a list of seven things written on a napkin that I kept from our first date. It was just a number of things that I looked for and saw in her to be the perfect woman. 

The list read; Someone who was a good cook, sexy as hell, funny and laughed at my jokes, smart and challenging and some other things about family. I was gonna read the list and then drop down on one knee. In my mind I saw it as the perfect wedding proposal surprise. When I opened the door to the apartment the music was high. A little too high with Little Wayne’s Like A Lollipop on the stereo. I smelled familiar cologne in the air. It was Hugo Boss. I didn’t own Hugo Boss but I knew someone who did. 

I walked lightly towards the bedroom with the sinking feeling something was wrong. Something of course was wrong. My girlfriend of six years who I was about to ask to marry me was bent down between my good friend Tony’s legs with his cock in her mouth. I stood at the bedroom door for a moment, watching them her head vigorously hopping up and down. His eyes were shut and he gripped the sheets tightly thrusting his manhood into her face. I worked with Tony for three years and I never suspected a thing. I even met his girlfriend. I didn’t know what to think. My heart sank. My head felt woozy. I walked to the living room and turned off the stereo. The sudden silence cut through the air like an explosion. I could hear them scrambling in the bedroom.

  “Honey is that you!” She called out trying to delay the inevitable.
I was boiling inside but I tried my best to sound collected because what else could I do.
  “…Yah. Yah. “ I called out. I dropped the flowers on the ground then thought for a moment about leaving but turned around and headed back to the bedroom. It took a herculean effort to not start swinging on the two of them but I didn’t. My voice was calm when I spoke.
  “I didn’t like the way things went this morning. Buying the house can wait. Came home early to chat. Oh hey Tony.”
Dion had tossed on a robe and had made a move to block the doorway but I quickly skirted around her. Tony couldn’t get his pants up in time. She tried again to somehow explain the half naked man in our bedroom.
  “Michael…ah Tony just…ah he…you see…” She clumsily hesitated.
  “Ya, I already saw the action. I just thought I’d turn the music off so we could hear each other over the cocksucking.”

Without going into all the cussing and shouting about trust and infidelity or how many plates got broken that day I spent the night at a friend. Ultimately I ended up moving out to a place of my own three weeks later. The new job took a little longer to change. I had to stomach running into Tony for a few months. Two flings and a year later I met Lisa online. An attractive white woman who had never been with a black man before.

  “Well Lisa, me and you have something in common. I’ve never been with a white woman before. So if we hook up it’ll be a first for the both of us.” I mentioned one night. That was a part of the first telephone conversation we had. Tonight hopefully would put a punctuation on everything. I wasn’t sure if I had recovered from Dion’s infidelity but I went through the paces anyway. Trying to meet new people.
  “Oh god I wanna suck your cock so bad. I hope I do it right. I’ll text you when he falls asleep. He was drinking so he’ll be out like a light soon.”
  “Ok. Make sure you text me. I’ll meet you in the parking lot across from the park.”

The park was only a short walk from her house. I had showered quickly and put on a pair of jeans and a light dress shirt. It was summer time and the night was hot and humid. The type of heat without a calm breeze that just sits there and leaves you soaking making you wanna pull off your clothes. I parked in a corner of the lot where there was less light from the street lamps. It also felt better. After a few minutes I came out of the car and leaned against the hood half expecting a text saying she couldn’t make it. I was nervous with anticipation. I ended up texting her instead. 

  ‘where r u’.
Her text answered. 
  ‘im here’.

I looked up and there was a figure walking up from the sidewalk wearing only a rain coat. She was a tall woman or at least to me she was. No less than 5’9. Her thick curvy figure swayed under the thin brown coat. Her hair was short and put to one side. Her heels clicked loudly in the quiet empty lot. She looked very much like her pictures with soft round features and large brown eyes. She was very sexy.
 “Hi.” I said with a half smile.
She stopped in front of me with her hands on her hips like she was saying ‘take a look at this’.
  “Hi.” She grinned.
  “You wore a coat. Aren’t you hot?”
She pulled the belt on the coat and then yanked it open exposing a naked voluptuous body underneath. The orange light from the parking lamp gave her skin an exotic tone. My eyes widened and my mouth moistened.
  “It’s just for show hon.” She added before quickly closing the jacket.
  “Oh shit! Man. OK, gimme a hug.” I said, trying to hold back my excitement.
She smelled nice and I squeezed her tight feeling her soft body against my growing hardness. She gripped the back of my head and breathed deadly into my ear.
 “Oh god I’m so horny. I want you to fuck me so good.”
I grabbed her hand feeling my manhood throbbing against her. “Let’s go in the car.”
Suddenly without warning I heard a voice in the distance shouting, echoing in the hot sticky air. Lisa and I stopped frozen.
  “Lisa!! Lisa is that you!” the voice shouted again.
  “Who the hell is that?” I asked.
  “I don’t know.”
Oh crap I thought, this is not happening.

[continue in part 3]

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

THE LIST part 1

"Ok, don't laugh cause some of the things is kinda daring, I mean for me."


We had never really met. We spoke online for about three months. Well actually not completely. After two weeks we exchanged numbers and began conversing on the phone. The conversations were innocent at first about various things. You know the things you talk about when you're trying to know a stranger over the world of the internet. Something attracts you to them whether it's a nice smile in a picture or words on a profile. Or maybe even a sexy picture that makes your heart jump. JUNELOVE123 was only a picture of a rose and a famous quote, something about love and forever. I thought it was a little sappy but maybe because I had become jaded from my experiences. She lived in my area about twenty minutes away. This was one of the things I liked when I saw her profile. I was tired of the long distance back and forth across the sea or two hour away drives. Those were difficult.

   "I have boring relationships," She said one time. Her real name was Lisa.
   "What do you mean?" I asked.                  
   "My fucken relationships are boring. The sex is boring. I don't do anything exciting or fun. I almost died eleven months ago."
What do you say when you hear that. The conversation was fun before that turn. Talking about families and how they annoy you sometimes.
   "Can you believe I never gave a blowjob."
It was funny to me but I was playing ignorant just to get her to elaborate. Lisa was a very 'play by the book' type of person. Hard working and proper almost old fashioned to a fault.
   "I've always been the good girl for as long as I can remember. My friends call me 'No Fun Lisa'. Which sucks cause I wanna be that person who does things you can laugh about or get excited talking about. You know spontaneous."
   "So why don't you Lisa." I'd ask, feeling more like her shrink for a moment.
   "Cause I'm affraid. I've always been afraid. I lost my virginity at the age of 25. When did you lose yours?"
   "Ahh...shit lemme see, 15 I guess. I think. But it's different for guys."
   "No. All my women friends would say the same thing  you said. In their teens. I was terrified of boys at that age. Terrified of everything. Of new experiences."
   "Well you're big now. You're 32. What's stopping you from doing something you've never done?"
   "I know. That's why I have my bucket list. When I thought I was gonna die I made a list and said if I live I'll do whatever I can to complete the list."
   "So let's hear it. What's on the list."
   "Ok, don't laugh cause some of the things is kinda daring, I mean for me."

We had already exchanged nude pictures of each other. While at work she went to the bathroom and lifted up her blouse showing her enticing large pink nipples. Then another picture of her thumb and forefinger squeezing her nipples. And finally a picture of her tongue touching and licking it. I would pull out the pictures from time to time and feel my thick cock throbbing inside my underwear. She was still hesitant about us meeting. I held my tongue but it was starting to annoy me. After three months my interest started to wane and look elsewhere. I still liked her a lot and found myself very much attracted but didn't think I could hold out for the long run. How long did she need to build up her brevity.
   "So lets hear the list?" I asked again.
   "Ok. These are in no particular order. Vacation in Cuba, ride a motorcycle, take a poetry class, seduce a man, give and receive a blowjob, have a threesome, take a cooking class, visit the place I grew up, have doggi style sex..."
I was laughing. "So which one a your bucket list you wanna start on first?"
She was silent. "Ahh..."
I could hear her blushing on the other end of the phone.
   "Man you're green!"
   "That's what I'm trying to tell you! Hence the list!"
   "And when we gonna meet?"
   "...Well when do you wanna meet?"
   "You serious right. About two months ago."
   "Well time machine isn't on my list so..."
   "Well how about tonight?"
I was grinning. Half expecting her to say 'no way!!!' but enjoying the moment just the same. Once again she was silent. I could almost hear her thinking on the other end.
   Then finally, "Ok. but I have to wait until my husband falls asleep."
Did I mention Lisa was also married.

continues in part 2

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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