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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Please remain calm sir. I'm only doing my job. This will only take a minute.


Officer Camley was a big guy. He stood over 6’3 and appeared like he was approaching 300lb. Not a muscled kinda big but the ‘swole’ kinda big. His low cut damp blond hair poked from under his cap. He looked intimidating by his sheer size. As I brought down the window the hot air reminded me of the moist heat from outside. 
One of the items on Lisa’s list was smoking weed. Something she had been offered on a few occasions but never took the leap to try. It’s a good thing I didn’t bring any of that to our first hookup I thought. But she sat beside me like a composed quiet school girl in her short rain coat. Part of her pink shaved private area was poking out from an opening in the jacket until I reached over and pulled the material down. The fat policeman was shining the flashlight into the backseat of the car before I handed him my driver license.

“So what’s the story, you folks just parked here in this remote corner enjoying the humid weather? We get calls out here all the time about kids in cars hanging around and making a lot of noise waking up the neighborhood, smoking drugs. Now I know you two are not kids but you two aren’t smoking any drugs are you?”
  “No. No. We’re just talking.” I answered tentatively.
  “Really. Nothing else going on. It’s hot as hell out here playa.” The big man’s voice went up at the end with some slang as if his ‘blackness’ was coming out.
  “No man. We’re just talkin’. Really.” I answered again. Reminding myself there was nothing to be alarmed about.

Lisa had her hand on my shoulder and leaned forward coyly perhaps to show the officer some cleavage.     
  “Nope. No drugs here. We’re just talking and listening to some music.”
She flashed a bright sexy smile and I could see the policeman’s demeanor soften even more. Officer Camley, from his name badge, bent down putting one hand on the car roof.
  “Yea. Personally I could tell you a few things I’d be doing on a hot sticky night like this. You know what I’m sayin’. Put a tent in the backyard, have a late night pool party, drink some nice cold beer from the freezer…”
I wasn’t sure what to say so I added. “Ya, I can go for one a those. Not while I’m driving of course.”
  “Well there you go. Can’t cook on these nights, just order food, sleep in a hammock, fall asleep to a movie…man the list goes on.”
  “Yea it does.” I smiled less apprehensively.
  “Just lemme check that registration will you.”

I reached into the glove compartment for the document getting a glimpse of Lisa’s expression. I was hiding my stifled laugh and I could see she was doing the same. For the moment crediting the heat with any strange behavior that was going round.

  “Stay right there.” The officer said before taking a few heavy steps back to his cruiser.
I closed the window slapping Lisa lightly on her thigh. “Is distracting a cop with your breast on your list too?” I grinned.
Lisa grabbed my arm almost digging her nails into them.
  “No. Oh my god. Oh my god! What the hell was he talking about? And how hard is it to get fucked tonight.”
“What. Listen to you. What happen to the shy afraid girl?” I teased. “It’s a good thing I didn’t bring the weed.”
 “What! Oh my god! No, are you crazy.”
We were laughing but trying to contain ourselves in case the police were watching. Which I’m sure they were although we had nothing to hide. Despise the bright head lights from the cruiser I could make out another officer in the car and from the form and size it looked to be a woman.

  “How long do you think they’ll be?” She said stretching her fingers through my open zipper that I neglected to close. “I can continue interrogating you until he returns.”
Her warm soft hands groped around my manhood until it became aroused again. I quickly pulled her fingers away when I heard the door to the police car open.
  “Wait, he’s coming back.”
I brought down the window expecting to hear officer Camley’s meaty voice telling us to be on our way. Instead we heard an assertive female tone.
  “Michael Brandon. Wow, is this what you’re out doing on your hot nights?”
I turned looking up quickly when I heard the voice but couldn’t see much from my angle and the flashlight in my eyes. The person didn’t sound familiar at all. I looked over at Lisa who was more mystified than I was.
“Please step outta the vehicle sir. Ma’am you gonna have to step out as well and walk over to that vehicle.”

Lisa raised her eye brow and shoulders. 
  “It’s ok.” She said reassuringly before climbing out. More convincing herself than anything. I watched her adjusting the short rain coat before walking towards the police car her heals clicking waveringly on the cement. Officer Camley was waiting for her smiling with note pad in hand. A few scenarios ran through my head with parking tickets and maybe even a speeding violation but to my knowledge I was up to date on them all. The sticky night heat also didn’t help. As I stepped out of the car before I could get a good look at the officer, she spun me around pushing me up against the backseat side door. With her free hand she reached out and closed the driver’s side door. I glimpsed a brown skinned black woman about my height. One of her hands was pushing against the back of my head while the other was by my waist near my pockets.
  “What the hell?” I exclaimed.
She had also placed her leg between mine pushing them apart. “Please remain calm sir. I’m only doing my job. This will only take a minute.”
I could hear Lisa faintly in the back saying, “Hey! Is that necessary!?”
Then Camley, “It’s OK. It’s just procedure.”
  “Are you arresting me? What did I do?” I started to panic. I didn’t have any outstanding tickets. Maybe it was the punch to Tony for cheating with my ex on my last day of work from the year before. But that was so long ago. The police woman pressed herself closer to me pinning me tight against the car. Her mouth was next to my ear while I felt her hand running up and down over my backside.
Her voice was stern and commanding but her actions were saying something quite different.

  “Sir please hold still. I’m just doing my job. Are you carrying any weapons?”
  “What…No. No I’m not.” I stuttered.
I wasn’t sure what to make of the female officers assault. It was definitely strange with Lisa and Camley no more than fifty few feet away no doubt unaware of what was going on. She had reached around and grabbed the front of my pants.
  “No weapons uh. So what do you call this Mr. Brandon? It sure feels like a weapon to me.”
I jumped trying to turn around but she was strong holding me firmly against the car.
  “Hey, what’re you…” I protested again before she squeezed tighter on my penis.
Her lips were actually touching my ear when she spoke. A tongue might have even ventured out to make contact. A minty gum aroma floated to my nostrils.
  “Told you I could kick your ass. Michael you really don’t remember me. God, you’d think all those handjobs I gave you, you’d know these fingers well and good.”
Suddenly the commanding voice full of sarcasm became familiar. My heart stopped.

[continue in the final part 5]