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Saturday, March 2, 2013

THE LIST part 3

I could understand well enough about the image men and woman present online to make themselves look more desirable.  


We were in the corner of the lot where a large tree hung over a chain link fence causing much of the light to be obscured from the overhead parking lamps. I thought this would be a great place to meet up and begin knocking some items off of Lisa’s bucket list. A loud voice however bellowed from the street where an old car was parked.
  “Oh fuck. Is that your husband?” I asked.
  “No. It can’t be. He’s fast asleep. Who the hell is that?” She double tied the belt on the coat and then squinted her eyes to see across the distance. I widened my eyes tilting my head as if that made a difference to making out the figure.
  “Well whoever it is they know you.”
The person was quickly walking towards us. From what I could discern and by the shouting it was certainly a man. A tall thin man.
  “We could get in the car and drive away you know.” I said to her hoping she would say ok.
She hesitated still attempting to grasp the identity of the person who was now only a few meters from us.
  “I…wait a minute. I know him.”

It was a tall black dude, around 6’2. He was easily older than me maybe forty five or so. He wore brown shorts and black flip flops. His grey peppered chest hairs looked like a sweater in itself. There was an unkempt look to him in his thick mustache and shirtless appearance.
Lisa turned to me then back to our surprised visitor gritting her teeth in a loud whisper. “Bill…what the hell. How did you even find out…what the hell…?”
Bill stepped forward and hugged Lisa. “Wow you look beautiful. Even more prettier from I last saw you. Look at you.”
Lisa stepped away from the tall man and moved next to me. She glanced back at me with an apologetic look on her face. “Bill how the hell do you know where I live. Have you been stalking me? What the hell are you doing here!?”
  “Stalking, no. I’m just out for a night stroll and saw someone I thought looked familiar. I mean maybe I used Google a bit to get a rough location but…I mean I don’t know why you don’t call me anymore.”
I couldn’t resist adding a comment seeing as how this idiot was ruining my hot summer night with a sexy woman I couldn’t wait to get my hands on.
  “Probably cause you’re a stalker man.” I commented.
  “Hey bro, not talking to you man.” He shot back.
Did I also mention Bill was very hairy. “Yo, you ever heard of a shirt and a shaver.”
  “Little dude…just…”
He made a motion to step towards me but Lisa cut him off putting out her hands.
  “Hey! What are you doing. Bill…”
All of a sudden I felt like I was in high school again having to prove my manhood next to a taller bigger guy. Bill also reminded me of one of my uncles. It was too hot a night to get into any type of confrontation.
I turned to her holding one of her hands, “Listen maybe we should…”
But she cut me off also before I could finish. I was thinking of just cancelling the plans because the mood had been ruined.  Lisa wasn’t deterred.
  “No. No. Just wait. Let me clear this up.” She said.
I’m not sure if Bill’s sanity was all there but he was talking as if he was in a world of his own.
  “Lisa…I don’t understand. You know…whatever I did or…Just lemme read you this poem that I wrote. I spent a lot a time on it. Please. It’s short but it’s really good.”
  “I’ll be in the car.” I added. 

There was no need for me to stand around with Bill the stalker looking at me. I had a mind to simple drive away and get my ass back home but something was holding me back. The whole meeting up with Lisa suddenly felt like an awful idea. How many other men should I expect to be lurking around in the dark. I could still hear Bill reciting his poetry outside.

‘The things I like about Lisa…Her eyes, her face, her voice, the height-cause I’m a tall man, her time that she gives to me, her friendship…her beauty, her body…the list goes on...’

Flipping on the radio I tried my best to hold in the laughter so I couldn’t be heard inside the car. The words themselves weren’t funny but the timing and situating by itself was laughable. It wasn’t long before Lisa opened the door and sat beside me. Bill was walking away with his head down.

She placed her hand on my leg. “I can’t believe this ass has been stalking me. Can you believe that. Should I be scared. I’m sorry. Don’t be upset. Don’t let it ruin tonight.”
I started to say something still being a little annoyed about the interruption but felt my anger subsiding.
Seeing Bill disappearing into the darkness also had something to do with it.
  “He’s crazy.” I said.
  “You think.” She added.
  “What the hell did you do to him?” I asked still hearing his poetry inside my head.
  “Would you believe the last time I spoke to him was two months ago. He keeps texting me. This is the first time I actually laid eyes on him. His profile is actually of a picture from ten years ago. He lies about everything. He is crazy.”
  “The list goes on.” I joked.

We both started laughing. And I could understand well enough about the image men and woman present online to make themselves look more desirable. Not to say that people are any more truthful when they meet each other the traditional way. The Internet thought made things so very easy and quick. Lisa brought up her marriage the second day into our online talks. She was maybe a little too honest.
  “But he had his shirt off!” I continued. “Come on, you gotta give Bill a break. Hah.”
She was grinning and I was glad the mood had lightened. When she laughed her breast would shake and giggle. I liked that.
  “So what did you tell him?” I asked.
  “I just told him to go home and I promised I would call him later. And I might have mentioned a restraining order.”
  “And also you might have a gun in your car.”
  “What the hell. You told him I had a gun. You’re so bad.”
I wondered about her husband and then about Tony and my ex carrying on behind my back. How did it start at first. Who was the aggressor and the initiator to the whole affair. These questions sometimes kept me up at night. And of course I was now in the position to do the same thing to another man. Lisa leaned into me putting her leg across mine smiling. “That’s right you have a gun. Well it’s not like I was lying. Didn’t you tell me you had a shotgun in your pants,” She giggled.

She had reached over and placed her hand on my crotch squeezing it. I could feel my blood start to race. Her hands stroked my manhood through my jeans while her tongue was inside my ear probing. I turned to meet her lips sliding my hand between her legs. We kissed deeply her soft lips opening and closing almost teasing my own.
“I wanna get started on that list” Lisa moaned.
“Oh course.” I answered.
“Let me suck your cock.”
I quickly unbuckled my pants shimmying them down to my knees. Like a hungry ready beast my cock jumped out its round head glistening in the dark car. She held it tightly stroking it up and down while my breathing increased. She leaned closer and I felt her tongue lightly grazed the tip. My heart quickened.
“How should I do it?” Lisa whispered. The fact that she was asking turned me on even more.
“…You’re doing just fine. Ohh keep going.”
She held a firm grip on my shaft gently pumping it. Once again her hot wet tongue touched the tip and danced around it.
“Mmm, it feels like a lollipop.” She moaned.
She was teasing me and my hands gripped her shoulders trying to inch her closer. I just wanted to stick the whole thing inside her mouth and have her suck me with her soft wet mouth. I didn’t even see the light that was coming up to the car from behind until it was only a few feet away.
“Wait, wait! Someone is coming.” I gasped.
“What. Oh shit.”

She jumped up pulling her coat closed. I tried my best to yank my pants up my legs. Grabbing my stiff manhood I had to mush it to the side to close my pants. The first thought in my head is Bill had made a second return to just piss us off. Lisa was peering back and ushering me to hurry at the same time.
  “Oh shit it’s the police.” She exclaimed.
Before I knew what was happening there was a tap on my driver’s side window with what I guessed was a flash light. The radio was on playing, if I recall correctly, Little Wayne’s Lollipop. Lisa punched the volume down while I flipped down the window.
“Hey officer, how you doing tonight.” I said but really thinking, please go away so I can get back to my blowjob.

A big white policeman was standing next to the window. “And how you all doing on this hot sticky night?”
I looked at Lisa and my stomach lightly rumbled before it rudely sank.

[continue in part 4]