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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

THE LIST part 1

"Ok, don't laugh cause some of the things is kinda daring, I mean for me."


We had never really met. We spoke online for about three months. Well actually not completely. After two weeks we exchanged numbers and began conversing on the phone. The conversations were innocent at first about various things. You know the things you talk about when you're trying to know a stranger over the world of the internet. Something attracts you to them whether it's a nice smile in a picture or words on a profile. Or maybe even a sexy picture that makes your heart jump. JUNELOVE123 was only a picture of a rose and a famous quote, something about love and forever. I thought it was a little sappy but maybe because I had become jaded from my experiences. She lived in my area about twenty minutes away. This was one of the things I liked when I saw her profile. I was tired of the long distance back and forth across the sea or two hour away drives. Those were difficult.

   "I have boring relationships," She said one time. Her real name was Lisa.
   "What do you mean?" I asked.                  
   "My fucken relationships are boring. The sex is boring. I don't do anything exciting or fun. I almost died eleven months ago."
What do you say when you hear that. The conversation was fun before that turn. Talking about families and how they annoy you sometimes.
   "Can you believe I never gave a blowjob."
It was funny to me but I was playing ignorant just to get her to elaborate. Lisa was a very 'play by the book' type of person. Hard working and proper almost old fashioned to a fault.
   "I've always been the good girl for as long as I can remember. My friends call me 'No Fun Lisa'. Which sucks cause I wanna be that person who does things you can laugh about or get excited talking about. You know spontaneous."
   "So why don't you Lisa." I'd ask, feeling more like her shrink for a moment.
   "Cause I'm affraid. I've always been afraid. I lost my virginity at the age of 25. When did you lose yours?"
   "Ahh...shit lemme see, 15 I guess. I think. But it's different for guys."
   "No. All my women friends would say the same thing  you said. In their teens. I was terrified of boys at that age. Terrified of everything. Of new experiences."
   "Well you're big now. You're 32. What's stopping you from doing something you've never done?"
   "I know. That's why I have my bucket list. When I thought I was gonna die I made a list and said if I live I'll do whatever I can to complete the list."
   "So let's hear it. What's on the list."
   "Ok, don't laugh cause some of the things is kinda daring, I mean for me."

We had already exchanged nude pictures of each other. While at work she went to the bathroom and lifted up her blouse showing her enticing large pink nipples. Then another picture of her thumb and forefinger squeezing her nipples. And finally a picture of her tongue touching and licking it. I would pull out the pictures from time to time and feel my thick cock throbbing inside my underwear. She was still hesitant about us meeting. I held my tongue but it was starting to annoy me. After three months my interest started to wane and look elsewhere. I still liked her a lot and found myself very much attracted but didn't think I could hold out for the long run. How long did she need to build up her brevity.
   "So lets hear the list?" I asked again.
   "Ok. These are in no particular order. Vacation in Cuba, ride a motorcycle, take a poetry class, seduce a man, give and receive a blowjob, have a threesome, take a cooking class, visit the place I grew up, have doggi style sex..."
I was laughing. "So which one a your bucket list you wanna start on first?"
She was silent. "Ahh..."
I could hear her blushing on the other end of the phone.
   "Man you're green!"
   "That's what I'm trying to tell you! Hence the list!"
   "And when we gonna meet?"
   "...Well when do you wanna meet?"
   "You serious right. About two months ago."
   "Well time machine isn't on my list so..."
   "Well how about tonight?"
I was grinning. Half expecting her to say 'no way!!!' but enjoying the moment just the same. Once again she was silent. I could almost hear her thinking on the other end.
   Then finally, "Ok. but I have to wait until my husband falls asleep."
Did I mention Lisa was also married.

continues in part 2