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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So the verdict has been past down for Robert Dziekanski who was killed two years ago on Oct. 27 at a Vancouver air port by the RCMP after being Tasered repeatedly and sat on into a suffocating death. Now I don't know about anyone else but the 4 RCMP officers (Gerry Rundel, Bill Bently, Kwesi Millington, and supervisor Corporal Benjamin Robinson) getting off scott free isn't any big surprise to me. Call me a pessimist although I'd like to consider myself the eternal optimist but I can't think of a case in Canada in which a civilian died at the hands of the police who were then charged with any wrong doing. In the case of Dziekanski I'd like to know just how can you make an assessment of someone who is clearly upset within 25 seconds of being in front of them.
Whatever the case that man didn't deserve to die. Homicide is a strong word but what other word should be used to describe a case of clearly causing pain and harm enough to kill somebody. These guys ain't idiots. Oh my bad, maybe they are idiots. I'm always amazed at how the police subdue a person and then sitting of them to cut of their air supply as if to say they are restraining you. Then they got the-ahhhhh- the Taser! the supa dupa Taser. Make your perps wiggle and convulse, providing you with hours upon hours of fun stories for your cop buddies to retell at the bar. Hurraaayyy!!! And when somebody gets killed, oops sorry, just a little mishap, they had a condition. Ahh the police, you gotta love em.
One good thing I suppose can come of this is the review of the Vancouver air port procedures regarding someone who doesn't speak English, their also failure to call paramedics in time, the RCMP use of - I'll call them 'Friendly Fire Weapons'.
In the end though what does it say about our society when someone who is in need of help, clearly frustrated after hours on hours of going in circles from procedures, acts out although causing no harm to anyone else, and ultimately ends up dead.