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Friday, December 11, 2009

Tiger's Gnawing Delemna

So ultimately I had to throw my comments into the fray with all the frantic media hoopla buzzing about. For my second post it's about gossip-chicks and the for iron, cause I've always been an admirer of Tiger Woods and feel kinda bad about his situation (although not bad enough to stop me from whipping up this piece in Photoshop) but bad none-the-less.

We all don't want to see the good guys get skewed in public most notable one of the most successful of all time. An by all accounts I would put Tiger in the good guy catagory. I mean can you think of any smart remarks he made to the media, any drunken DUI's in one his many Buicks that he always wins, or even making any disparaging comment that made some white people unhappy. Hell no. In all intents he was loved by all black folks and white people alike. I think even the guys on the golf course who's asses he kicked loved him. 

But are we talking now about the man or the champion. If it's the champion then he really hasn't done anything wrong. He's just doing what he's done for the better part of his life. See something that he wanted and go after it. And probably let nothing stand in his way. The man on the other hand is every bit as falable as you and I. Feels like everything is on his shoulders, might seek attention from outside the marriage if he ain't getting it at home. And by attention I'm not talking sexual. Gets annoyed with certain things his partner may do but says nothing trying to be the good husband because what the hell could you complain about when you're making in excess of a few hundred million dollars a year. And so the man went out and dipped his weener into a few places that were off limits...well maybe a bit more than a few places but he's still human, surprise surprise. And to top it off Woods announced today he'll be taking an indefinate break from golf to work on his marriage and family. 
That sucks. But in the long run a good thing if you're attempting to turn a negative into a positive.