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Monday, January 4, 2010


It appears 20th Century Fox weren't that amused when they learned the person responsible for the leaking of their summer block buster hit Wolverine was none other that a Gilberto Sanchez
who claimed he bought a copy of the pirated DVD from a street vendor in NYC. Fox however didn't take kindly to the stealing of their property and sent the blood thirsty Wolverine with adamantium claws and all to SkillfulGil's home. Lets just say when the cigar smoking hairy x-men was done with the culprit there wasn't much left of him. Many have argued that Sanchez wasn't the real perpetrator and merely one of the uploaders way down in the chain of the crime. Professor X, teacher of the School of Gifted Students, however states that after scanning Gilberto Sanchez's brain for 1 hour could come up with no clear picture of the street vendor. Ergo said street vendor is not real. Although the FBI who questioned Gilberto as well as search his premises and computer could find no link to him and Fox studios or any of the other Effects Finishing Studios that might have been working on the unfinished released film.Wolverine unfortunately just didn't buy that argument and was reported to have went into a rage shouting 'aarrrggg I'll skew his hairy balls like a fricken marshmallow!!'
Although the film gross $375 million at the box office leading some to conclude the early leak helped ticket sales, Fox contends it still could have squeezed more from the public. (can anyone say free publicity)
This reaction carries in a long line of on screen characters taking matters into their own hands when they felt their films were being pirated. It wasn't highly publicized but Hulk was rumored to have completely destroyed 5 homes of law breakers who uploaded his film onto torrent sites. Batman was said to have dangled two teenagers and an elderly woman over rooftops for sending copies of his movie online.

I could go on but I think you get the picture. I myself had to fight off an angry Porn Star who insisted on punishing me with sex illegal in 15 States for what she consider bad copy right infringement. Which brings us to my final statement and porn seams to be the best place to end it. An industry that seams to understand perfectly how to treat their consumers when it comes to product. Think about it. Have you ever heard of the porn industry going after someone for copyright abuse. And if I'm not mistaken this is also a billion dollar industry. It seams they understand that sometimes and I do mean many times giving out something for free can benefit you in the end. The recording industry to a certain degree understand this. The film studios are slow learners however.
Wolverine had no comment.