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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

50 Shades of Ray

It’s been a long while since I added some words to my beloved grandiosity spot. I’ve started a few times to only run out of words or simply couldn’t muster enough brevity to follow through. It’s been on my To Do list of things for 2012 even if we are in the 10th month of the year. I suppose my main poke might be my muse of being a perfectionist. In that sense you’re left with many projects that lay on the shelf to one day see the light of day as soon as they are supposedly ‘ready’. But aren’t we all like that to a certain degree. 

In my day to day life I’ve come up with a few choice thoughts and knick knacks that often run through my mind to keep me sane and logical. Hopefully you may find a few that you like and enjoy. The goal is to come up with 50 of them. More to come, soon, I promise.

1.       Happiness comes in all colors, including old people who have long lost their minds.
2.       Don’t feed the squirrels’ cause they will just keep coming back.
3.       Don’t argue with people you no longer respect, you’ll just keeping offering clever ways of their deficiency instead of making your point.
4.       Sometimes it’s just good to laugh at what others think of you, instead of using your precious energy to prove them wrong.
5.       Pissing in the shower never hurt anyone
6.       Some foods taste best as morning leftover
7.       When the police knock on your door and you open it, try not to make any sudden moves.
8.       Do what you love, love what you do. Even if you are an assassin, a hooker, a politician and someone who has no clue of what to do with their life and just hanging around and going with the tide of everyone else.
9.       Do not throw stones at sea gulls
10.   When walking your dogs remember to walk your dogs and not let them walk you.
11.   Kiss your lover passionately even if love is not present.
12.   To first fall in love, you must first fall in love with yourself before anyone else.
13.   Children are geniuses
14.   Alcohol doesn’t solve our problems, it just makes us feel smarter than what we really are.
15.   When surrounded by fools telling them that they are fools you will eventually become one, it’s best to downplay your cleverness until you can safely get away.
16.   If happiness is a choice then why the hell are you so damn miserable, shut up and stop complaining.
17.   Most marriages don’t last because people can’t calculate – account for – look forward to – make room for – make critical decisions on – take time for CHANGES in the relationship…man that’s a lot of things.
18.   Separate your garbage from your recycling.
19.   If you are what you eat, then 12 beers a day means you’re are a dumb ass…but somehow think your Einstein.
20.   When two people are fighting only step in if you can actually kick at least one of their asses.