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Thursday, January 31, 2013

THE LIST part 2

I wasn’t blessed with height standing only 5’8 like some of my taller friends but I was 
blessed with other things.


I was actually already in bed. When she mentioned there was a possibility we could hook up tonight I jumped up and instantly started planning what clothes to put on. Her husband, she would tell me on a few occasions didn’t do anything for her sexually. He would just come home from work, say a few things to her and then be out again. Every few months   they would plan a ‘date’ together to get the sex out of the way. It felt more like an obligation than pleasure. She suspected he was cheating but at this point the marriage was a convenience for the two of them socially and financially.

  “I can’t leave. What would I do Michael. I have a young child and I have a great house.”
  “Hey I’m just giving you my two cents. You don’t have to wait until things get worst to leave.” I’d say.
  “Things have already gotten worst.” She added. “We never used to argue but now it’s all we do.”
  “Ok. Well at least, you know, start putting something away for the future. Hey you never know.”

I’m not sure if anything I said resonated with her but she took it for the most part. Before long though she would start talking about her bucket list and how she hadn’t done anything on it yet. As if she was waiting for my lead into her new borne curious sexual fantasies.
“I don’t know what it is but every time I look at a picture of a black man I start getting aroused. Doesn’t matter where I am it just happens. It doesn’t even matter what he looks like. If his shirt is off then instantly my pussy gets wet. Is that weird or what?”
“Ahh…oh” I was left speechless. She was playing with me but yet I didn’t want her to stop.

As a man I was hesitant about her situation. Who wants to get involved with a married woman. Certainly not myself. But I was drawn to her none the less. I was a thirty three year old black man, single and good looking. Or so I was told from various partners. I wasn’t blessed with height standing only 5’8 like some of my taller friends but I was blessed with other things. Good with numbers, athletic, charming and something else.
“God you have a big cock. Look at the size of it.” I would hear many a times from my ex. She loved every vein on it. That didn’t keep her though from straying. After being in a six year relationship I discovered my girlfriend was fucking around with my good friend. I came home early one afternoon after her and I had gotten into an argument that morning about buying a house. It wasn’t even an argument because I instigated the whole thing to set up my proposal. The joke of course was on me. With some flowers in my hands I didn’t even notice my co-workers car in the building parking lot. Dion, my girlfriend worked an evening shift so she normally left for work about 2 o’clock in the day. I had a list of seven things written on a napkin that I kept from our first date. It was just a number of things that I looked for and saw in her to be the perfect woman. 

The list read; Someone who was a good cook, sexy as hell, funny and laughed at my jokes, smart and challenging and some other things about family. I was gonna read the list and then drop down on one knee. In my mind I saw it as the perfect wedding proposal surprise. When I opened the door to the apartment the music was high. A little too high with Little Wayne’s Like A Lollipop on the stereo. I smelled familiar cologne in the air. It was Hugo Boss. I didn’t own Hugo Boss but I knew someone who did. 

I walked lightly towards the bedroom with the sinking feeling something was wrong. Something of course was wrong. My girlfriend of six years who I was about to ask to marry me was bent down between my good friend Tony’s legs with his cock in her mouth. I stood at the bedroom door for a moment, watching them her head vigorously hopping up and down. His eyes were shut and he gripped the sheets tightly thrusting his manhood into her face. I worked with Tony for three years and I never suspected a thing. I even met his girlfriend. I didn’t know what to think. My heart sank. My head felt woozy. I walked to the living room and turned off the stereo. The sudden silence cut through the air like an explosion. I could hear them scrambling in the bedroom.

  “Honey is that you!” She called out trying to delay the inevitable.
I was boiling inside but I tried my best to sound collected because what else could I do.
  “…Yah. Yah. “ I called out. I dropped the flowers on the ground then thought for a moment about leaving but turned around and headed back to the bedroom. It took a herculean effort to not start swinging on the two of them but I didn’t. My voice was calm when I spoke.
  “I didn’t like the way things went this morning. Buying the house can wait. Came home early to chat. Oh hey Tony.”
Dion had tossed on a robe and had made a move to block the doorway but I quickly skirted around her. Tony couldn’t get his pants up in time. She tried again to somehow explain the half naked man in our bedroom.
  “Michael…ah Tony just…ah he…you see…” She clumsily hesitated.
  “Ya, I already saw the action. I just thought I’d turn the music off so we could hear each other over the cocksucking.”

Without going into all the cussing and shouting about trust and infidelity or how many plates got broken that day I spent the night at a friend. Ultimately I ended up moving out to a place of my own three weeks later. The new job took a little longer to change. I had to stomach running into Tony for a few months. Two flings and a year later I met Lisa online. An attractive white woman who had never been with a black man before.

  “Well Lisa, me and you have something in common. I’ve never been with a white woman before. So if we hook up it’ll be a first for the both of us.” I mentioned one night. That was a part of the first telephone conversation we had. Tonight hopefully would put a punctuation on everything. I wasn’t sure if I had recovered from Dion’s infidelity but I went through the paces anyway. Trying to meet new people.
  “Oh god I wanna suck your cock so bad. I hope I do it right. I’ll text you when he falls asleep. He was drinking so he’ll be out like a light soon.”
  “Ok. Make sure you text me. I’ll meet you in the parking lot across from the park.”

The park was only a short walk from her house. I had showered quickly and put on a pair of jeans and a light dress shirt. It was summer time and the night was hot and humid. The type of heat without a calm breeze that just sits there and leaves you soaking making you wanna pull off your clothes. I parked in a corner of the lot where there was less light from the street lamps. It also felt better. After a few minutes I came out of the car and leaned against the hood half expecting a text saying she couldn’t make it. I was nervous with anticipation. I ended up texting her instead. 

  ‘where r u’.
Her text answered. 
  ‘im here’.

I looked up and there was a figure walking up from the sidewalk wearing only a rain coat. She was a tall woman or at least to me she was. No less than 5’9. Her thick curvy figure swayed under the thin brown coat. Her hair was short and put to one side. Her heels clicked loudly in the quiet empty lot. She looked very much like her pictures with soft round features and large brown eyes. She was very sexy.
 “Hi.” I said with a half smile.
She stopped in front of me with her hands on her hips like she was saying ‘take a look at this’.
  “Hi.” She grinned.
  “You wore a coat. Aren’t you hot?”
She pulled the belt on the coat and then yanked it open exposing a naked voluptuous body underneath. The orange light from the parking lamp gave her skin an exotic tone. My eyes widened and my mouth moistened.
  “It’s just for show hon.” She added before quickly closing the jacket.
  “Oh shit! Man. OK, gimme a hug.” I said, trying to hold back my excitement.
She smelled nice and I squeezed her tight feeling her soft body against my growing hardness. She gripped the back of my head and breathed deadly into my ear.
 “Oh god I’m so horny. I want you to fuck me so good.”
I grabbed her hand feeling my manhood throbbing against her. “Let’s go in the car.”
Suddenly without warning I heard a voice in the distance shouting, echoing in the hot sticky air. Lisa and I stopped frozen.
  “Lisa!! Lisa is that you!” the voice shouted again.
  “Who the hell is that?” I asked.
  “I don’t know.”
Oh crap I thought, this is not happening.

[continue in part 3]

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

THE LIST part 1

"Ok, don't laugh cause some of the things is kinda daring, I mean for me."


We had never really met. We spoke online for about three months. Well actually not completely. After two weeks we exchanged numbers and began conversing on the phone. The conversations were innocent at first about various things. You know the things you talk about when you're trying to know a stranger over the world of the internet. Something attracts you to them whether it's a nice smile in a picture or words on a profile. Or maybe even a sexy picture that makes your heart jump. JUNELOVE123 was only a picture of a rose and a famous quote, something about love and forever. I thought it was a little sappy but maybe because I had become jaded from my experiences. She lived in my area about twenty minutes away. This was one of the things I liked when I saw her profile. I was tired of the long distance back and forth across the sea or two hour away drives. Those were difficult.

   "I have boring relationships," She said one time. Her real name was Lisa.
   "What do you mean?" I asked.                  
   "My fucken relationships are boring. The sex is boring. I don't do anything exciting or fun. I almost died eleven months ago."
What do you say when you hear that. The conversation was fun before that turn. Talking about families and how they annoy you sometimes.
   "Can you believe I never gave a blowjob."
It was funny to me but I was playing ignorant just to get her to elaborate. Lisa was a very 'play by the book' type of person. Hard working and proper almost old fashioned to a fault.
   "I've always been the good girl for as long as I can remember. My friends call me 'No Fun Lisa'. Which sucks cause I wanna be that person who does things you can laugh about or get excited talking about. You know spontaneous."
   "So why don't you Lisa." I'd ask, feeling more like her shrink for a moment.
   "Cause I'm affraid. I've always been afraid. I lost my virginity at the age of 25. When did you lose yours?"
   "Ahh...shit lemme see, 15 I guess. I think. But it's different for guys."
   "No. All my women friends would say the same thing  you said. In their teens. I was terrified of boys at that age. Terrified of everything. Of new experiences."
   "Well you're big now. You're 32. What's stopping you from doing something you've never done?"
   "I know. That's why I have my bucket list. When I thought I was gonna die I made a list and said if I live I'll do whatever I can to complete the list."
   "So let's hear it. What's on the list."
   "Ok, don't laugh cause some of the things is kinda daring, I mean for me."

We had already exchanged nude pictures of each other. While at work she went to the bathroom and lifted up her blouse showing her enticing large pink nipples. Then another picture of her thumb and forefinger squeezing her nipples. And finally a picture of her tongue touching and licking it. I would pull out the pictures from time to time and feel my thick cock throbbing inside my underwear. She was still hesitant about us meeting. I held my tongue but it was starting to annoy me. After three months my interest started to wane and look elsewhere. I still liked her a lot and found myself very much attracted but didn't think I could hold out for the long run. How long did she need to build up her brevity.
   "So lets hear the list?" I asked again.
   "Ok. These are in no particular order. Vacation in Cuba, ride a motorcycle, take a poetry class, seduce a man, give and receive a blowjob, have a threesome, take a cooking class, visit the place I grew up, have doggi style sex..."
I was laughing. "So which one a your bucket list you wanna start on first?"
She was silent. "Ahh..."
I could hear her blushing on the other end of the phone.
   "Man you're green!"
   "That's what I'm trying to tell you! Hence the list!"
   "And when we gonna meet?"
   "...Well when do you wanna meet?"
   "You serious right. About two months ago."
   "Well time machine isn't on my list so..."
   "Well how about tonight?"
I was grinning. Half expecting her to say 'no way!!!' but enjoying the moment just the same. Once again she was silent. I could almost hear her thinking on the other end.
   Then finally, "Ok. but I have to wait until my husband falls asleep."
Did I mention Lisa was also married.

continues in part 2

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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As part of my short fiction series I'll be posting part 1 of THE LIST in my next posting and every week or so after that I'll be putting up part 2 and 3 etc. It's about two people that meet online inspired by a true story. I'm excited and proud about the THE LIST series and have been getting some very good feedback from those who have taken a peek. 

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